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The Clients practice within the recruitment division will assist your company in finding the right candidates for both temporary and permanent positions.

Our deep technical understanding coupled with extensive experience of many types of IT projects allows us to truly understand and advise on the best candidates for your company. This is an area competitors cannot offer such valuable assistance.

We have an extensive database of potential candidates with a variety of different skills. This allows us to cherry pick the best applicants for your requirements, ensuring time, money and effort is not wasted by all involved.

I would prefer new permanent staff but cannot wait.

This is a common scenario that companies find themselves in, long term permanent staff are required, however with project deadlines loaming and a need to support the business, consultants or temporary staff are required.

This is where our unique three division structure adds true value. From both our in-house consultants or our candidate database, finding the right temporary staff is quickly achieved. We then ensure knowledge transfer is delivered to your permanent staff, ensuring a smooth transition from temporary to permanent staff with no loss of operation or delay to project milestones. Our in house technical ability is a unique feature that other recruitment agency do not have. This allows for additional quality gates not only in candidate selection process but also in the knowledge transfer to you the customer.

Portfolio of applicants.

We have an extensive portfolio of candidates coupled with our technically knowledgeable staff ensuring your receive only suitable candidates for your positions. The following show cases just some of the competencies within our applicants database with the respective totals.

  • SharePoint Developers131
  • SharePoint Administrators87
  • BizTalk Developers117
  • Dynamics Developers238
  • C# Developers363
  • C / C++ Developers421
  • InfoPath Developers112
  • Project Managers185
  • Programme Managers88
  • Business Analyist108
  • Testers233
  • Software Architects233
  • Technical Writers89
  • Graphics Designers127
Quick Response

We offer incredibly quick response times to candidate requests and can usually provide relevant candidates within a single business day.

We will also work with you initially to help derive the correct skill set for the positions you are seeking to fill, again this is usually done within a single business day.

Please contact our recruitment team to discuss how we can help or if you require more information.